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The classic in the gay district Schöneberg is definitely the Connection club! Party is made on two dancefloors to house, trance and of course techno. If you do not like it hot and tight, you do not have to worry – the club has a capacity of…

Regular Gay Party Mitte

GMF Berlin in the heart of Berlin Mitte, on the Alexanderplatz is the House of Weekend and this is where the GMF took its residence, on the 15th floor high above the roofs of Berlin.

techno club

How to get into Berghain Berlin? That is the most asked question of berlin clubbing tourists. But it is really worse it? of course. @ Berghain you can experience what clubbing should be.

Monster Ronson‘s Ichiban Karaoke – Gay Karaoke in Berlin Friedrichshain Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke is very famous in Berlin. Ron Rineck used to be a punk. But then he discovered his love of karaoke and travelled to full houses all…

Trauerspiel Berlin is a gay bar in Berlin-Schöneberg

Here at PussyCat bar berlin you can still see the 70s. 2 bars with a tiny dance floor in the middle. This bar is somehow cult! The service is extremely nice and unique. You should definitely look at this bar, in any case you will not forget the…

Dance Club in Kreuzberg

KitKatClub Berlin – Gay Party Location in Berlin Mitte KitKatClub Berlin is a very popular and world famous Gay Party Location in Berlin Mitte. It is directly at the Heinrich-Heine-Straße. KitKatClub opened in March 1994 by Austrian…

dance club

Gay club – Die Busche – Berlin Gay club Party in Berlin = DIE BUSCHE Berlin!!! Welcome to the hotspot club for the lgbt people in the city – nearly the underground and s-bahn station „Warschauer Straße“ at the party district…